CORRIVEAU OUTDOOR FURNITURE has been founded in 2012 by Francois Corriveau which started by the name of F.Corriveau International.  In 2013, the company has merged with other outdoor furniture company; JLG IMPORTATION owned then by Laura and Jonathan, his children.  It’s at that moment that the company changed name to CORRIVEAU OUTDOOR FURNITURE.

It first started when the Corriveau family launched the business in 1948.  The first founder was Ovila Corriveau, who started his business in manufacturing baby furniture and also, snow shovels for children years later.  His son, René, took over the company in 1964.  He then switched from producing snow shovels for children to manufacture outdoor furniture in 1972.  The production of outdoor furniture had a significant turnover in 1989. The furniture was manufactured in Galvalume, a special alloy combining the strength of steel and the rust free from the aluminum.

Then, around the year 2000, a decision was made that it was time to bring in 2 competitive product lines, which was importation from Asia.  It was Francois that worked and dedicated many years on this new idea of importation.  He had to make many trips to verify and to valid with the new suppliers the quality and comfortability required.

René decided to retire and sell the company in 2009, which Francois decided to acquire with new ownership.  In 2011, Francois sold his shares of the company and starts his own importation company under the name of F. Corriveau International Inc. All of his original suppliers followed Francois in his new challenge.  The relationship that was built through many years of working together created mutual and perpetuate still today.

In 2016, Francois was forced to take early retirement because of ill health. It’s at that moment that Jennifer, the daughter of Francois joins the team.  Corriveau Outdoor Furniture now counts the 3 children of Francois and also, their faithful employees.  The company continues to prosper by selling to chain and specialist stores throughout North America.  An expansion is planned by the end of 2016 for online sales that will confirm that the company is a leader in the market.

By the end of 2016, the new generation proceeds with a facility expansion in order to fulfill the high demands in e-commerce.  By having tripled their facility space, they doubled their turnover in e-commerce on the first year. In addition, because of the warehousing of several new products, inventory sales is in full growth with their current clients.  Since the expansion, e-commerce clientele keeps on increasing and Corriveau is barely able to meet all the high demands.

For more than 20 years, Corriveau works closely with the same agent who visits the suppliers regularly to develop new products to stand out not only in designs but also, in innovation.  A steady research and development confirm that Corriveau is in an advantageous position in the market.

The company continue to evolve by offering a range of outdoor furniture and accessories of contemporary style at unbelievable value that is constantly renewed.  A new line of hard top gazebo made out of Galvalume, galvanised steel, and aluminum has been introduce into the market for a while. This product category is strongly appreciated because it represents from now on an important part of the sales.  A sustained effort of developing new models of gazebo and accessories are always in process to enlarge the line.

The Corriveau team has always stood out in terms of the customer service and will continue to prioritize its clients.

For many years, CORRIVEAU OUTDOOR FURNITURE has been the partner of the success of many retailers.  A team that is dedicated and caring is the reason behind that many customers are motivated to maintain a business relationship with Corriveau.